Webcam Interviews

In Palermo (Italy), our most imposing branch – 600 square metres, 80% of it is dedicated to CATI stations for telephone market research – we have a Focus Room equipped with a semi-reflecting mirror, cameras, a desk with 12 stations and an adjacent Viewing Room. But since our core business is quantitative research, we have developed the Cube Survey digital platform that allows us to conduct webcam interviews, offering new opportunities to market research institutes.

Webcam interviews for quantitative research

The respondents can choose the time slot when they prefer to be called for a webcam interview and they receive a link to click on and connect to. This link works both on desktop and mobile. If the market research institute doesn’t have a sample, we can try to find the sample by using the Cube Survey system or using sponsored posts on social media through which, in a non-interruptive way, we invite the target to spontaneously register in order to participate to the interview.

To those market research institutes that require telephone market research, we give the opportunity to receive 5% of the interviews in video format, elevating the study from quantitative, to quantitative 2.0, since the video-interview will allow them to analyze gesturing, tone of voice and the respondents’ behavior. Then we can subject this video material to neuromarketing analysis for the sentiment analysis. Moreover, if required, there is the possibility of “labeling” the interviewers’ attire, with thematic backgrounds or with giant screens so we can project the video they prefer on it, in order to involve the user more, with a coordinated communication, or to promote the brand, in case the final customer or the market research institute want to expose themselves.

Market research at the cube

Technological trends are going towards augmented reality and virtual reality, and social networks allow users to live in a sort of virtual control room from which they can select, object, influence, share. User experience is dominant, both online and offline, in every communication context. Webcam interviews, besides finding fertile ground, are fertilizing themselves. It is the user who spontaneously chooses whether to be interviewed with audio only or with both audio and video. Because they want to appear.

This is the prelude of the future. We are one step away from virtual market research. People is ready, but the marketing world, technologically, is not ready yet. That’s why the cube market research with webcam interviews is the way to go. The respondents are no longer the same as those of the 80s, who passively participate to the interview. Today they want to have an experience, they want to go beyond the conventional ways, they want to stand up for it.

Benefits of Face to Face for quantitative research

As quantitative market research is our main field internationally, we can firmly say that this additional research method is bound to become the standard one for the following reasons:

  • More than 50% of social use is through videos;
  • Respondents are willing;
  • Video gives more opportunities for qualitative analysis;
  • The percentage of dropout is drastically eliminated;