Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit? MRS Conference on “The Future of B2B Research”

The last elections in the UK were mostly focused on the negotiation positions of a hard or soft Brexit, where the first choice was mostly supported by the Conservative Party while the second one by the Labour Party.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who was against Brexit before the EU referendum, now says there can be no turning back and that “Brexit means Brexit”. During the last election campaign, she had  shown to be a fierce supporter of a “hard” Brexit, proposing harder relations with the EU.

Probably this ambiguity, as well as her excessive self-promotion via social media, confused British citizens who, apparently tired of the uncertain situation, did not give the conservative party the absolute majority. Currently British politics is stalled but, following the citizens’ recent U-turn, it seems that the B2B sector has good hopes to see loosening the knots that curb the European market.

Brexit: One year on ” will be one of the central topics of the next BIG Conference organized by MRS – The Market Research Society, who is the world’s leading authority for research, insight, marketing science and data analytics sectors – and indeed the opening discussions will start with a panel about Brexit with the following speakers:

Dr. Nick Coates, VP, Creative Consultancy Director, CSpace

Gillian Kane, Senior Manager, PwC
Andy Krasny, SMB Analytics Manager, EMEA, Facebook
Conor Wilcock, Research Director, B2B International

There will be also interesting speeches about the following topics related to the future of B2B research:

  • Leveraging technology platforms for global data collection of SME insights
  • Overhauling B2B market research to meet new client requirements
  • Data visualization: Driving research impact through organizations
  • Automation is here to stay: What happens next?
  • Innovation in engaging SME respondents
  • How a consumer approach within B2B brought new meaning to ‘customer closeness’ at HSBC
  • Demonstrating the impact of research on driving B2B sales
  • Why Mobile Optimization?
  • Up close and personal: How SMEs cope with market research for the first time
  • What works where in B2B digital marketing?
  • Exploring the world of B2B marketers

IFF International, in the person of Federica Curcurù, will be present to actively participate in the round table, first of all because our company is currently undergoing a technological transformation – with the implementation of mobile marketing, remote work, neuromarketing, social sampling – but also because the B2B research is increasing more and more for us, so it is essential to know the fate of this market and its links with Brexit, starting from such a solid and genuine economy like the British one.

We invite all of you to attend the event.

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