Social Sampling

If you are looking for a very profiled target, with low-penetration, therefore you want to find a niche audience, the acquisition of survey respondents from CAWI panels and platforms, that currently are on the market, would be useless (for us or for you). Social media is the way to go. To broaden our offer and enhance the most off-limits research studies, we have developed Cube Survey, a recruiting system to get survey respondents quickly and clearly.

Find your target on social media

In order to find impossible respondents – representative or not – we choose to rely on inbound (non-interruptive) techniques on social media. Our project managers are working alongside experienced social media managers, following these 5 steps:

  • They identify the social network where the potential survey respondents are more active;
  • They analyze the sort of language that respondents use;
  • They divide the audience into segments through social media advertising tools;
  • They create sponsored posts on social media and show them to the selected audience;
  • They invite the audience to provide their telephone number in order to participate to the survey;

This system is applicable for any method, therefore it supports both quantitative and qualitative research for either pure recruitment and for recruitment + interview.

For B2C and B2B studies, we use respectively sponsored posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. The possibilities of profiling are endless. In particular, Facebook offers a wide range of options for demographics, interests, behaviors and other categories with related exclusion filters to define the audience research. To optimize it, as respondents register on the landing page where they provide personal data, we immediately start the CATI (telephone interviews) and the data collection.

Benefits of social sampling

First of all, we must say that making the identification of a target possible, otherwise impossible to find, is the main benefit. Taking into account that the sample is hard to reach, below we list a number of good reasons why to choose the Cube Survey method:

  • One third of the world’s population has a social media profile;
  • Timing for respondents recruiting for the survey is much lower;
  • It isn’t strictly necessary to encourage respondents with rewards;
  • The response rate is favored by the extreme availability of respondents;
  • The cost of the recruiting service is lower because it is included with the cost of CATI;

Although we have a Focus Room for “Face-to-face” and we offer a platform for CAWI, our core business is CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), but it is right to say that Cube Survey‘s respondents recruiting method is applicable for any type of quantitative and qualitative market research that needs to locate the most suitable sample, and we can also sell this service regardless the subsequent interview and data collection phases, that you can then carry out as you see fit.