CAWI Research

At IFF International we carry out telephone research full time, through the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) method, but in 2017 we developed a new method to recruit respondents that opened up to new opportunities. It is Cube Survey, a method to identify and locate respondents on social networks through lead generation.

Since we’re catching respondents online, we decided to develop a tool for CAWI research (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing), which perfectly works either on desktop and mobile. It isn’t a marketplace where you have to upload the questionnaire. We manage the questionnaire programming and promote it on social media to a more suitable target, and finally we provide you the data of all interviews easily and clearly.

How to find respondents for surveys online

This system may seem very simple, but you need to have an excellent knowledge of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter advertising tools (the main social networks we’re working on) and a profound knowledge of market research. Our system is incredibly useful to locate an audience with penetration of less than 20%. But nobody is keeping us from reaching more representative samples.

Here is what happens, step by step:

  • We identify the target and plan a sponsored post on social media;
  • The respondents click on it, they answer to the screening questions, and finally they decide how they are going to be interviewed (CATI, CAWI, Webcam interview);

Inbound marketing for non-interruptive market research

We locate the users on social media and give them the freedom to take part of the interview. We can call it a “non-interruptive” market research. The classic approach of CAWI research shoots for the middle, with Cube Survey we shoot exactly in the eye of our prey. We take advantage of the segmentation of Social Ads, the non-inhibition of the user who decides to answer to the questionnaire and the speed of mobile usability.

CAWI is a quick and cost-effective method of quantitative research, because it doesn’t require actual interviewers, as CATI does. Through Cube Survey, CAWI research becomes even faster, more cost-effective and above all more efficient. The percentage of dropouts decreases dramatically – being the target extremely suitable for the research study – and all the aspects of the interview provide much deeper data as a result.