CATI Services

IFF International is "the CATI specialist"
Our 500+ native speakers interviewers are ready for your challenges.
You ask, we survey.

Your advantage

Due to the decentralized fieldwork in local IFF hubs with many years of field certified partners, CATI projects can be reliably and efficiently implemented simultaneously

The central hosting of questionnaires, sample management and VoIP telephony enables complete trasparency in data collection, thus ensuring qualitative, high-quality, consistent, traceable and reproducible databases for your projects

International site structure is a broad base for linguistic and cultural diversity – via our own hubs over 50% the world population and 75% of the relevant languages in the business world are covered with native interviewer

Across the field partner network all other languages are covered with native speakers, as needed


The technology

  • Central hosting of all project on NEBU installation with Dialer and VoIP telephony on its own server infrastructure in Germany (CATI system)
  • Call center HUB concept for fast and flexible implementation of international project in CATI
  • All call centers are connected to the system via VPN and can make calls only over our VoIP
  • Systematic and random sampling review of documentation accuracy by Quality Control team
  • Systematic production controlling for ensuring project efficency

Sit back and relax while a dedicated Project Team deals with your multi-countries CATI studies.

The team of Field Management

  • Interdisciplinary team composition of social, humanities, natural sciences and economics
  • Training program ensures up-to-date knowledge and expertise
  • Single-point-of-contact project management and commitment to the customer ensures levels of quality



Your all-inclusive CATI fieldwork from the Questionnaire to the Data. Programming & Hosting, Questionnaire & OEs translation into 30+ languages, Coding and much more...

The success of a CATI study depends not only on the data-collection but as well on all the other tasks that are needed to go live with it and to analyze it correctly. At IFF we want you to have an all-inclusive fieldwork that includes the translation of the questionnaires, the preparation of the samples to call as well as the coding and the translation of the open ended questions at the end of the study. Our Clients love as well our expertise in tables and other data analysis.